Music Club Concerts

Wed 13th February at 7:30pm
Saltarello Trio

Kapellmeister to a Count: Music by Telemann, Handel & Erlebach

Venue: The Hall of the King’s School 

HEIDI FARDELL, who attended school in Grantham, is a founder member of SALTARELLO ensemble. She is a recorder specialist and freelance performer in both contemporary and early genres. Heidi is joined by renowned early music specialists  Claire Williams (harpsichord) and Alison Kinder (viols). Saltarello perform a wide range of early music and this concert will include music by Telemann, Erlebach and Handel, exploring the role of the trio sonata by each composer.

We welcome this ensemble, warmly recommended by a member, and with a local connection which we try to support in each season.

Concert sponsored by Chatterton's

Wed 27th March at 7:30pm

Love in Time of Unicorns - Secrets & Desires in Medieval Song

Venue: The Hall of the King’s School

JOGLARESA, directed by Belinda Sykes, is an early music ensemble of intertwining female voices accompanied by harp, fidel, dulcimer and percussion. They have performed in London and both nationally and internationally, and will bring the season to an end by presenting their programme entitled Love in the Time of Unicorns.

Imagine the world of the Middle Ages... this programme lives up to all your medieval fantasies: knights, ladies, lovers, nightingales, minstrels, and unicorns. Some of the most beautiful medieval melodies are to be found in the courtly love-drenched world of the trouvères - Fin amors had so affected the culture and imagination of Europe throughout the last thousand years that C.S. Lewis described it as a 'revolution' compared to which 'the Renaissance is a mere ripple on the surface of literature.'

With four intertwining female voices accompanied by harp, fidel, dulcimer and percussion, this programme will sound heavenly. Come to this, our final concert of this season, to find out more! 

Concert sponsored by Escritt Barrell Golding