Music Club Concerts

Wed 27th March at 7:30pm

Love in Time of Unicorns - Secrets & Desires in Medieval Song

Venue: The Hall of the King’s School

JOGLARESA, directed by Belinda Sykes, is an early music ensemble of intertwining female voices accompanied by harp, fidel, dulcimer and percussion. They have performed in London and both nationally and internationally, and will bring the season to an end by presenting their programme entitled Love in the Time of Unicorns.

Imagine the world of the Middle Ages... this programme lives up to all your medieval fantasies: knights, ladies, lovers, nightingales, minstrels, and unicorns. Some of the most beautiful medieval melodies are to be found in the courtly love-drenched world of the trouvères - Fin amors had so affected the culture and imagination of Europe throughout the last thousand years that C.S. Lewis described it as a 'revolution' compared to which 'the Renaissance is a mere ripple on the surface of literature.'

With four intertwining female voices accompanied by harp, fidel, dulcimer and percussion, this programme will sound heavenly. Come to this, our final concert of this season, to find out more! 

Concert sponsored by Escritt Barrell Golding

90th Birthday Season 2019/20
Wed 9th October at 7:30pm
David Nettle & Richard Markham

Piano duo (four hands one piano)

British pianists David Nettle & Richard Markham have been performing together for four decades, one of a handful of international ensembles whose dedication and commitment have stood the test of time.
The expertise and wealth of experience they bring to the concert platform coupled with the originality of their approach in this specialist medium gives them universal appeal. Almost unique among piano duos they have forged highly successful careers on both sides of the Atlantic, and Nettle & Markham - Britain's foremost piano duo - continue to be one of the most satisfying and entertaining partnerships before the public today.
Their vitality, remarkable ensemble, infectious enthusiasm and musical integrity ensures their continued popularity throughout the musical world.


Wed 6th November at 7:30pm
Equinox - Saxophone ensemble

Versatile and original, the Equinox Saxophone Ensemble is a group of like-minded, accomplished saxophonists with a passion for exploring the possibilities the saxophone can offer. From early music, through classical transcriptions, original and contemporary works, folk and jazz, Equinox presents the saxophone as a chameleon-like instrument capable of taking on many personalities. The group's unique and compelling sound comes from the combination of instruments and the occasional use of electronics, keyboards and percussion, which provide variety and flexibility in the programming. Director Alistair Parnell is a leading proponent of electronic wind instruments, which are often featured in the Equinox line-up. Great emphasis is placed on presentation and making programmes accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience. Performances appeal to young and old, the regular concert-goer and casual listener alike. 

Wed 4th December at 7:30pm
The Andy Lawrenson Trio

The Andy Lawrenson Trio has been working together since around 2012, Andy now manages and gigs extensively with the trio, runs music workshops and teaches violin and guitar in North Yorkshire. Andy learned to play the violin through busking on the streets of Europe, Scandinavia, England, Scotland and Ireland.
Paul Grainger started playing the double bass comparatively late in the day yet has quickly become an in-demand player on the North East scene and further afield.
Simon O’Byrne has been a professional guitarist for over two decades. His accomplished guitar playing celebrates the style and swing of the jazz-genius Django Reinhardt, mixed with a flamenco flourish and echoes of the great Paco de Lucia.

Wed 8th January 2020 at 7:30pm
The Hermes Experiment with Oliver Pashley

Winners of the Tunnell Trust Awards 2017, Park Lane Group Young Artists 2015/16 and winners of Nonclassical’s Battle of the Bands 2014, The Hermes Experiment is a contemporary quartet made up of harp, clarinet, voice and double bass. Capitalising on their deliberately idiosyncratic combination of instruments, the ensemble regularly commissions new works, as well as creating their own innovative arrangements and venturing into live free improvisation. The ensemble has commissioned over 50 composers at various stages of their careers.

Wed 19th February 2020 at 7:30pm
The Adora Trio
Wed 18th March 2020 at 7:30pm
The Kanneh-Mason Trio